Wuxi Jinfan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the delivery of the pipeline filter box

May 18, 2019 company news 385 views

The air filter box is a kind of ducted air filtration equipment, which can be used for the initial, medium and high efficiency filtration of fresh air, and can also be used for exhaust environmental protection dust filtration or activated carbon odor filtration in various occasions; the material can be cold-rolled steel plate spraying treatment or integral Stainless steel material, the air volume can be selected arbitrarily according to the actual design needs, the filter is installed in a module, and the filter frame produced by the company is matched, which is simple and quick to replace. You can choose to bring your own fan, Dwyer differential pressure gauge, filters with different efficiency, etc. The more optimized filter is a winding filter instead of a middle-efficiency plate and frame filter, which does not require manual maintenance for a long time, and it is automatically replaced and automatically filtered.

Wuxi Jinfan Company has selected two-stage filtration with primary efficiency and middle efficiency, equipped with an access door to facilitate future personnel to enter and replace the filter material, and the air inlet and outlet with variable diameter flanges to facilitate the connection with the inlet and outlet air ducts.

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