The development trend of air shower room

May 18, 2019 company news 270 views

The intelligent voice air shower room is equipped with a voice prompt system. When blowing, the automatic voice system prompts people to complete the entire blowing and dust removal process in an orderly manner to achieve an effective purification effect. The clean air flow filtered by the high-efficiency filter can be rotated The nozzle sprays onto the body from all directions to effectively and quickly remove dust particles. The removed dust particles are filtered by the primary and high-efficiency filters and recirculated to the air shower area.

Intelligent voice features automatic control, electronic interlock, double door lock when blowing, infrared sensor automatic blowing. Stainless steel semi-glass door automatic door closer, transparent window, inner low board is made of stainless steel; software test controller, LED display and setting of blowing time, adjustable from 0 to 99 seconds, internal use of round gradual opening Line air duct, high wind speed, low noise.

1. Humanized control panel design, clear indicator light, and clear air shower process instructions. Soft key touch time relay;

2. High cleanliness and high wind speed: Adopt AAF primary and high efficiency filter two-stage filtration system, no partition and low resistance high efficiency filter, filtration efficiency: 99.99%, to ensure the purification level. Equipped with all-stainless steel multi-angle adjustable nozzles, double-volute outer-rotor high-volume low-noise fan, the wind speed of the nozzle outlet is up to 25m/s, and the wind speed of blowing on the person is above 18m/s.

3. Modular structure, the air shower box adopts a modular design scheme, which can be assembled into various lengths of air shower size according to actual needs. An air shower is composed of one or more air shower units. For large-volume air shower equipment, it can be divided into multiple modules, making production, transportation, and installation particularly convenient and fast;

4. High performance and high sealing: using imported electronic components, stable and reliable operation performance, advanced noise reduction and mute device system and EVA sealing material, high sealing performance.

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