Ecolead successfully signed FFU and ultra-high efficiency filter contracts with Zhongke Jingdian's production subsidiary

May 18, 2019 company news 349 views

For this order, the customer chose the ultra-high efficiency filter Ulpa ( [email protected] ) supporting its own fan filter unit (FFU) to be used in the clean room to meet the demanding air quality requirements. Our company has maintained a good cooperation with this customer since the beginning of its establishment, and respectively supplied its FFU equipment for the construction of its Beijing Yangzhou Yuncheng factory and the later increase of FFU equipment. The quality and service of our products have won the trust and support of customers.

Our company’s non-partitioned ultra-high-efficiency air filter adopts American HV imported filter material, separated by hot melt glue, and the outer frame is aluminum profile. It has undergone strict leak detection and scanning tests before packaging. It is suitable for all kinds of clean rooms, workbenches, Places where air quality needs to be controlled, such as pharmaceutical factories, scientific research sites, and food processing

Product advantages: 1. Imported HV filter material, high humidity resistance, low resistance, large dust holding capacity

2. The outer frame of the anodized aluminum extruded profile, the air inlet and outlet sides are equipped with a white paint metal protective net, which can effectively protect the filter element from damage during the installation process. The opening size of the profile is 50, 70, 90mm and three thickness sizes are available.

3. Original seamless sealing technology, excellent sealing performance and lasting effect

4. Strict product quality monitoring, scanning leak detection one by one, the collection efficiency is as high as 99.9995%@0.12um

The following is the standard 2*4 standard FFU specification details for customers’ reference:

FFU fan filter unit
Dimensions: 1175*575*250
Cabinet material: galvanized steel sheet
Motor: AC310
Wind speed: 0.3-0.45 m/s adjustable
Voltage: 220V 50HZ
Power: 130W
Noise level: 52dBA
HV super high efficiency no partition filter
Filter specifications: 1170*570*70
Efficiency: 99.9995%at0.12um
Air volume: 16CMM
Initial pressure loss: [email protected] /S
Frame: Anodized aluminum frame
Filter material: ultra-fine glass fiber
Protection net: spray net
Adhesive: Synthetic resin
Airtight gasket: Synthetic rubber

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