Ecolead purification equipment products of Nanjing Ecolead found customer needs and filled the gap in the Nanjing market

May 18, 2019 company news 378 views

With the rapid economic development of Nanjing and the neighboring areas of northern Jiangsu, especially the planning and construction of the Jiangbei New District, a national-level new area, there is an increasing demand for clean room construction and related supporting products. In particular, TSMC TSMC signed a contract with the Nanjing government to solely fund 19.5 billion yuan to build a 12-inch wafer fab . These good news have brought new performance growth points to purification engineering companies, purification equipment, and air filter manufacturers in various regions.

But analyze the current distribution of major enterprises in Nanjing: Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone (Xingang Development Zone) is the main photovoltaic company, Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Pukou High-tech Development Zone, Biomedicine Valley, Liuhe Economic Development Zone (Chemical Park), etc. Optoelectronics, biopharmaceuticals, food and beverages, automotive spraying and other fields have a wide and large demand for air filters and related purification equipment. However, Nanjing lacks professional purification equipment manufacturers to provide filters and air showers, FFU, Clean sheds and other equipment suitable for all kinds of dust-free environments. This type of project is a turnkey project that requires on-site measurement of dimensions, on-site installation after production, and connection with peripheral equipment. Some customers need to visit and inspect due to outsourcing customers, and the delivery cycle is very urgent. Generally, customers who choose suppliers in Suzhou area have the defects of long delivery time, no installation, and after-sales service. Moreover, the quality of purification products in Suzhou area varies from good to bad. Generally, they are paid for delivery, and customers are very passive.

Nanjing Yixiou is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, which mainly produces primary efficiency filters, medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filters, automatic winding filters, FFU self-contained fan filter units, teardrop purification lamps, purification sheds, and rolls. Curtains, clean benches and other products are completely suitable for all levels of dust-free from 1-10000. After years of hard work, the Ecolead brand has been well-known in many countries and regions at home and abroad. Relying on its excellent product quality and comprehensive customer service, it has continuously expanded its market. Its products have been sold throughout the country, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Germany and others have their own customer base.

Nanjing Yixiou is a professional integrated supplier of air purification products and services in Nanjing. If you want to buy high-quality air filtration products, you want to enjoy comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services. Have a detailed understanding of the performance and specifications of the equipment, welcome to consult the staff of our company at any time.

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